Dark Touch

"If you die, I die."

Aria is just a twenty five year old waitress from the small town of Grand Bay, Alabama. She didn’t expect to be drawn to the dangerous Dark Lord, Bender. When Aria’s step father tries to beat and rape her, Bender saves her and brings her to New Orleans, Louisiana.

Bender lives a dangerous life, fighting the evil of the world. In his line of work, no one second guesses him, and no one has the audacity to defy him. Yet, Aria never fails in her witty come backs, and independent nature. After millenniums of war, he finds a peace in Aria he never knew possible. She irritates him to no end, but he finds her comfort around him, relaxing.

Aria only wanted to be a part of Bender’s world. She didn’t realize that the supernatural world had something even bigger planned for her. After a lifetime of abuse and betrayal, the fate of the human race falls on her shoulders. The only problem is, Aria isn’t sure if humanity is worth saving.

Aria is swept into a world of Cambions, Demons, and Dark Lords. Thanks to a prophecy set by Eve, Aria must find a way to control her powers before Lilith, the mother of demons, breaks free from her prison and unleashes Hell on Earth.