In The Beginning…

The man loved the woman more than anything in the garden, and the woman loved him just as deeply. One day, the woman was tempted by the Devil. He lured her to the tree and set his trap, and the woman walked right into it. She could have said no, but her curiosity got the best of her. The man and woman only had one rule. Not to eat from the forbidden tree of knowledge. But the woman did not resist temptation and ate the fruit. When she realized what she had done, she ran to her husband and told him her terrible sin. The man was in shock, and worry grew in his heart. The sky darkened and the rain began. The lightning struck, and they both cowered in fear. A great wind came, blinding the man as he tried to hold on to his love, but the wind was too strong, and he lost her. She was gone and so was the storm. He roamed the garden looking for his wife, but he knew she wasn’t there.
His life became a haze. The sky was no longer beautiful to him. The flowers held no beauty either. The food was no longer succulent, and the creatures no longer concerned him. He was lost. He was alone. The loneliness consumed him. He sank into a deep depression.
One day, the man awoke and saw a woman there. He ran to her, but it wasn’t until he reached her when he realized it was not his long, lost love. Yes, this woman was beautiful. Her hair was as dark as the night. Her skin was a deep olive. Her features were the same as his wife. She was indeed beautiful, but she wasn’t her. Time had passed, and he still couldn’t warm to this new woman. She was cold and distant. She despised him and made it known. She felt she was better than him, not an equal as his wife had looked at him. She belittled him and ordered him around. He was miserable with this woman. He longed for his wife more than ever. That longing is what drove him to find the forbidden tree. He figured if he ate from it, he would join his lost wife, and he was right.
The storm came and blew him to a distant land. This land was not like the soft soil of the garden. It was hard and laborious for him. He had difficultly growing anything in it. But he was with his wife. And that was all that mattered. He didn’t care about the blisters on his hands. He didn’t care about the pain in his back because his wife was worth it. She was worth all of it. They had three beautiful sons together, and he couldn’t have been happier. He had found his Heaven on Earth.
But Lilith was enraged at being trapped in the garden. She had no one to lord over. She was nothing there, but Queen of the Shrubs. So she found a way to break free. She broke out of the garden, bringing her demons with her. They plagued the Earth and ravaged the people. Adam knew he had caused this and the Lord was angry. And then Lilith came for Adam.
True, he wasn’t a king, but she wanted a companion. After all, she had been made for him. With Lilith intent on killing Eve and taking Adam, she stormed his lands with her demons. But Adam would not lose Eve again. As Lilith struck out against Eve, Adam threw himself into her path. He died in Eve’s arms. The Lord wept as he looked upon Adam’s lifeless body. He loved Adam. He blamed Eve for Adam’s death. And so he cursed her. She would live out her life for one purpose. To hunt and destroy the plague of demons Lilith brought with her.
Eve fought Lilith's demons with a fury in her heart. But there were too many. So Eve gathered a small force. A force of twelve. She infused each one with power and knowledge to kill demons, and separated the powers. No human can take all of her power, so she spread it out. Two were gifted with the gift of smell. They were excellent trackers and could smell a demon from miles away. Two were gifted with the healing powers, but not to heal Demon Venom. Two were gifted with the strength of a hundred men, the strongest of the twelve. Two were gifted with speed. They could out run anything. Two were gifted with the power to manipulate the elements. And two were gifted with the power to manipulate metal. Together they formed Eve’s army.

And thus, the Dark Lords began…